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The History of Eat Sum More – South African Meats & Grocery Store

south african cuisine

Our story begins with my late oupa and ouma -George and Leah Slimowitz in Vanderbijlpark. They owned and operated a butchery called The Golden Highway Butchery – and people used to come from miles away to stock up on their meat for the month, and in particular the Biltong, Droewors and Boerewors.

Going to the slaughterhouse early in the morning with my oupa, watching him select his choice of meat for the store, unbeknownst to me at the time, would come in good standing in years to come. Back at the butchery my oupa used to mumble in Yiddish “It’s all in de spices” whilst making Biltong.

My late father, Louis Slimowitz had a number of butcheries in Klerksdorp and Stillfontein, and he also used to mutter, “It’s all in the spices”. Growing up in a farm environment in Ficksburg, I was always given the task of spicing the meats and I quickly became the mutterer of “It’s all in the spices”.

south african cuisine south african cuisine

Now in our 3rd generation Slimowitz family grocery store, headed up by the family matriarch, our mother Rita, we still mutter, “It’s all in the spices”. We import all of our spices from South Africa and blend them in the store to produce the finest Biltong, Drywors, Chili Bites, Shavings and Boerewors, which people still travel for miles to acquire.

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